Asset Management

Active Monitoring and Risk Mitigation

Through our innovative and proprietary web-based information system – PIXUS – the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing's (OCCH) Asset Management Department collects and processes data to monitor project and portfolio-wide performance and to identify emerging trends. In turn, these systems allow us to meet our reporting requirements with our investors.

Partners provide routine information to OCCH. Reporting requirements and monitoring activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Weekly leasing reports during initial project lease-up
  • Monthly occupancy reporting
  • Quarterly financial reporting
  • Disclosure of "reportable incidents"
  • Annual budget submissions
  • Submission of annual financial audit and tax reform
  • Annual "desk review" of tenant files
  • Annual physical inspection of property and units

Additionally, OCCH monitors the status of real estate tax payments, tracks property and liability insurance coverage, and manages project replacement and operating reserve accounts.

The bottom line? OCCH protects our investors' interests through active monitoring and our focus on risk mitigation.