Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC)

Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund

Empowering Residents

The Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) board sets aside funds each year to award grants to nonprofits to help low-income residents reach their social, economic and educational potential. The grants will fund activities or expenditures to improve the lives of residents of properties affiliated with OCCH. This program is named in memory of Carol Mount Peterson who served as chair of the OCCH board of directors for many years.

The program, funded through OCCH retained earnings, gives OCCH the opportunity to give back to the residents. Through a competitive process, OCCH offers grants to sponsors to develop programs that enhance the educational and economic opportunities of residents. The Resident Development Fund supports activities designed to increase residents' ability to live more satisfying and productive lives.

The following goals address the Resident Development Fund's vision to support tenants':

  • Summer Camps & Enrichment
  • Youth Empowerment & Education
  • Senior Health & Wellness
  • Educational Advancement & Workforce Training

Since the inception of the Resident Development Fund in 1997, 400 grants totaling more than $6 million have been awarded to nonprofit partners affiliated with a property in which OCCH has an equity investment.


Grantee Resources

The following resources are intended to help recipients of Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund (RDF) grants easily and effectively communicate grant activities.

Project Application/Guidelines

Provides documentation and information regarding grant applications and guidelines.

Budget Information

Provides documentation and information for budget requirements throughout the life of the grant.

Invoicing/Financial Reporting

Provides documentation and information for processes related to invoicing and financial reporting.

Grant Changes

Provides documentation and information for steps required to request project changes.

Project Communication/Press Releases

Provides documentation and information for progress reports, press releases, planning and training.

RDF Featured Projects

Features previous, impactful RDF grants providing examples of best practices.