Newly Formed Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio

(Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio is a newly formed partnership consisting of 11 nonprofit organizations representing the full spectrum of affordable housing with a goal of "Transforming Community Through Housing")

November 12, 2015 — Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio. OCCH is excited about the valuable work that the Alliance is doing, and the contributions that this organization will make to the affordable housing landscape of the Central Ohio region.

The Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio was formed in response to a variety of issues that low-income residents face including: an inadequate supply of affordable units; a high percentage of cost burdened, extremely low-income households; and the adverse effects on health and wellness that are so closely correlated with substandard housing conditions. Sixty-three percent of the extremely low-income residents in the Columbus area allocate more than 50% of their incomes to cover the cost of housing. Severely cost burdened households are at far greater risk for being displaced from their homes, and the Community Shelter Board reports that the number of homeless families has increased by a staggering 79% over the last three years. Additionally, low-income families have few pathways to homeownership due to inadequate wages and savings. While Columbus is experiencing tremendous economic and population growth, the persistence of these wide disparities is something that the Alliance seeks to respond to.

The Alliance is working to bring a variety of nonprofit organizations together including: local and state government, developers, community leaders and residents. Through these partnerships, the Alliance seeks to augment the desperate need for affordable, safe, and decent housing throughout the region. One of the Alliance’s core beliefs is that everyone deserves a stable foundation in life, and that a stable home provides a solid platform for positive growth, vibrant neighborhoods, and economic prosperity.

Education and engagement are essential to the Alliance’s mission, and to date they have offered a series of public lectures. Dr. Megan Sandel, MD, MPH has been the guest lecturer for these events, presenting her research on the relationship between housing and health. Dr. Sandel co-authored Housing Vaccine: Why Housing Matters to Young Children, which explores how the provision of quality housing serves is a form of “preventative medicine” that can help “put a child on the right path toward a healthier lifestyle, education and better jobs”.

We encourage you to learn more about the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio, and to follow their schedule of future events by visiting


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