Ohio Capital Impact Corporation Commits to Sending Kids to Summer Camp


In 2016, the Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC), through the Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund (RDF), continued its valued tradition of awarding funding to partners enabling them to send their resident youth to summer camp. This year, thanks to additional funding support from OCIC Impact Investors, OCIC was able to commit to send over 600 of our resident youth to 17 different summer camps in Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The camps attended are hosted by the YMCA, 4-H, OSU LiFE, or Columbus Area Integrated Health Services.

OCIC is dedicated to providing the funds necessary to send kids to summer camp. The positive impact stemming from the experiences are innumerable.  The youth are immersed in a structured and enriched environment enabling them to participate in activities helping them to reach their full potential.

This year, thanks to a partnership with Impact Investor Huntington National Bank, RDF provided all youth attending camp with a backpack, water bottle, beach towel and sunscreen.

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